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 A Fanfic:The reborned duelist

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PostSubject: A Fanfic:The reborned duelist   Tue May 13, 2008 5:01 am

Chapter 1:In the graveyard

Where the hell am i?-said it and looked around.
You are in the graveyard-mad laughtning-
From the nothing an ugly monster is appeared.
You are dead.I reborned you!You are my zombie servant!
Am i dead?Am i your servant?-Get out from his grave.No you are mine servant!-He shots lightning from his hand and the monster is become
a card.What?-Pick up the card-Zombie master?-He watch the grave and read the text.


So my name is Freed.So i am dead.But what i need to do now...-Begin to walk around in the graveyard.He falls over in something.What the?-He is getting up.A duel disk and a deck?-Pick up them.well thi will be my deck and duel disk.-Begin to lookthrought the deck.Wow a zombie deck and 2 zombie masters?and i have the third.Good and i have the third.Then let's go and duel.

Chapter 2:The duelist city

Freed is wandering in the desssert.
I am happy cuz i dead i am not hungry or Thirsty.Hmm i see there a town perhaps i can duel there.He go in the town.Wow-he look around and see a lots of duelist-Hmm who i challenge.Him!.Hey you let'ss duel!.
Stranger:Alright-Pick up his duel disk
Freed 4000 Stranger 4000
Ok i begin-said Freed
hmm i set 1 card in my spell/trap card zone and 1 in my monster card zone.
your turn
Hmmm i summon Six Samurai-Irou!
Then gradmaster of six samurai!.
Go irou attack my opponent's set monster.Irou' special effect is destroys it automatically.My pyramid turtle.Now Grandmaster of Six samurai attack!
Freed 1900/Stranger 4000
Your turn!
Hmm.First i activate my set card! raigeki break! i discard my zombie master to destroy irou!
Then i summon another zombie master and activate it's effect.I discard goblin zombie to special summon zombie master.And the final card!
Brain control!Freed 1100.I want your grandmaster.
Oh no!.Go zombie masters and grandmaster finish him!
Freed 1100 Stranger 0
That's felt good.Next!-The stranger is begin to dissapear.Wh-What happens?From the nothing the zombie master is appears.You took him soul Nice work master..What i didn't wanted.
Each time you duel and you win this will happens.you can't do anything.IF you don't take souls you will die again.But.....
Nothing you can do.

Chapter 3:Coming soon
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PostSubject: Re: A Fanfic:The reborned duelist   Tue May 13, 2008 8:15 am

Wow, not bad at all. Definitely has potential to become a good fanfic, keep on improvin'! Smile
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PostSubject: Re: A Fanfic:The reborned duelist   Sat May 17, 2008 8:15 pm

hehehehehe, nice work freed
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PostSubject: Re: A Fanfic:The reborned duelist   

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A Fanfic:The reborned duelist
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