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 Outside BC Teams/Forums And Other Info (c/o loger0050)

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PostSubject: Outside BC Teams/Forums And Other Info (c/o loger0050)   Wed Nov 05, 2008 9:51 am

Special Thanks to loger0050 for being kind enough to take his time in BC to compile all this info Smile


I would like, from now on, every person advertising their website to specify if your website is:

a. A forum for anyone to join
b. A competitive team. A duelist can only belong to ONE team, that is the main difference between a forum and a TEAM forum

Also, please refrain from posting more than once about your website, as it will cause unnecessary spam and an annoying waste of time when I'm making the updates. Aster has stressed this rule to me and to everyone, so please follow it. EDIT, instead posting more than once, just edit the information you want to add into your old post, or delete your old post and post again.[/quote]
Communities Outside of BC: Current Status

- The Exile, The Matrix Team, Dark Duel Academy, and Duel Academy Key Holders have been added to the list of teams
- Duel Academy, Aster's Duel Academy, Duel Kings, Shadow Masters, and Duelist Kingdom have been added to the list of YGO Forums.

YGO Teams
General Rules:
1- You may only join one team at a certain time. If you are a member on two teams, you may as well be kicked out of both teams. Members may transfer freely from one team to another as longas they say that they have transferred.
2- All members are allowed to join a team unless the team specifies certain requirements.
3- Be active! It's never appreciated when a member joins a team then never visits it again.
4- Respect all fellow and rival team members.
5- To team leaders: Do NOT copy ideas from another team without permission.

TOP 3: Based on popularity, activity, competition, and skill (Team Soul Society Excluded)

Quote :
1- Legionnaire's Valor League

2- The Exile

3- Duel Academy (Key Holders)
All active teams:
-Legionnaire's Valor League (#5 on bottom list)
-Team Soul Society [-private team] (#Cool
-Dark Duel Academy (#15)
-The Exile (#16)
-The Matrix Team (#19)
-Duel Academy Key Holders (#21)

YGO Forums
General Rules:
1- You may join as many forums as you like, unless otherwise specified by the Admin.
2- All members are allowed to apply to a forum, he will be ranked according to the Admin's system.
3- Be active!
4- To Site Admins: Do NOT copy ideas from other people's forums without permission.

TOP 5: Based on popularity, activity, presentation, and professionalism

Quote :
1- Duel Kings - 4048 posts

2- Aster's Duel Academy - 4028 posts

3- Duel Academy - 3032 posts

4- Academia De Duelos (Spanish) - 2365 posts

5- National Punishment - 1316 posts
All active forums:
-Academia De Duelos [Spanish] (#10 on bottom list)
-National Punishment (#13)
-Duelist Kingdom (#14)
-Duel Kings (#17)
-Shadow Masters [Spanish] (#18)
-Aster Phoenix Duel Academy (#20)
-Duel Academy (#21)

6 Active Teams
7 Active Communities

ALL FEATURED WEBSITES: arranged in chronological order
1- C-L (Cyber-Legacy) - INACTIVE
Leader/Main Admin: Hell Kaiser

2- BO (BlackOps) - INACTIVE
Leader/Main Admin: Chaosknight

3- ROD (Rise of Destruction) - INACTIVE
Leade/Main Adminr: Chazz Princeton

4- BH (The Bounty Hunters) - DISACTIVATED
Leader/Main Admin: Loger0050, Kingdom Knight, and Shikamaru
Squad Leaders: Lightningshadow212, D.Knight Sevus, Citius (SouhaitSurLAmour), and Loger0050

5- LVL (The Legionnaire's Valor League) - ACTIVE
Leader/Main Admin: Noah Kaiba
ASST: Rafael, Dart Dragoon
Team Branch Captains: Dart Dragoon, Kaoz Replica, and Kai Hiwatari

6- Divine Guardians - INACTIVE
Leader/Main Admin: Johan Anderson (temporary)

7- Dimension Division - INACTIVE
Leader/Main Admin: MonarchTheLegend

8- Team Soul Society - ACTIVE (Private Real-Life Team)
Leader/Main Admin: Nishimaster

9- VonGola - INACTIVE
Leader/Main Admin: Junk Yard Dog

10- Academia De Duelos (Duel Academy - Spanish) - ACTIVE

11. Bleach Team - INACTIVE
Leader/Main Admin: Kenpachi Zaraki

Leader/Main Admin: Ethanej

13. National Punishment YGO Team - ACTIVE
Leader/Main Admin: The G-Man

14. Duelist Kingdom - ACTIVE
Leader/Main Admin: DK_Pegasus

15. Dark Duel Academy - ACTIVE
Leader/Main Admin: JadenYuki1

16. The Exile - ACTIVE
Leader/Main Admin: Headcase

17: Duel Kings - ACTIVE
Administrators: SilentHeroX, Ace, Headcase, good_duelist, itachi the criminal, JadenYuki1, Poison Trooper, The Salsa

18. Shadow Masters - ACTIVE
Leader/Main Admin: DX_Dark Master

19. The Matrix Team - ACTIVE
Leader/Main Admin: Aster Phoenix, Jaden Yuki

20. Aster Phoenix Duel Academy - ACTIVE
Leader/Main Admin: Raito Yagami (a.k.a. Songoku/Aster Phoenix)

21. Duel Academy (& Key Holders Team) - ACTIVE
Leader/Main Admin: Dark Jaden
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PostSubject: Re: Outside BC Teams/Forums And Other Info (c/o loger0050)   Wed Nov 05, 2008 10:09 am

Wait, The exile is the #1 team not LVL o.o?
And my team is on there also (Dark Duel Academy)
Well, good job guys for being in the top 3
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PostSubject: Re: Outside BC Teams/Forums And Other Info (c/o loger0050)   Wed Nov 05, 2008 11:07 am

Nope.actually LVL is back to #1..good job i congratulate yall.I wish exiles was back in #1 but we will be soon..good job guys!! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Outside BC Teams/Forums And Other Info (c/o loger0050)   

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Outside BC Teams/Forums And Other Info (c/o loger0050)
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