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 RP Applications

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PostSubject: RP Applications   Sun May 04, 2008 9:46 pm

Here's how the Application process works.

Copy and paste the application and fill it out. That's all I'll tell you. Well, remember that we want skilled RPers and duelists who have a good knowlege of the YGO cardgame that they understand what's going on.
It's ok to mispell here and there, and you don't have to have the best grammar, but you should know how to RP. If you have never RPed before, please visit a "Beginners" rpg. We will need to see how you RP before allowing you join. As for the application, if you don't think we are going to check to see if you put the correct info down, you're mistaken.

Your Screenname
Your REAL Age (we don't want the birthday, but if you'll be having a birthday soon, whithin the next 4 months, you can round your age up a year)
RPs you've participated in
Names and short descriptions of the characters you've played.
Years you've played YGO (If you can remember)

Character sheet.

Here's an example of an application.

Name: Krishna
Age: 24
RPs: Yahoo Clubs (Groups now) RPs: Final Fantasy 6 sequal, Final Fantasy mixture (in the world of FF8) Redwall MUCK, Lionking MUCK
Names: FF6: Edgar and Kefka, FFMix: Edgar and Kefka again. Redwall: Fox people;Krish- a fox child, Kashe- Krish's younger sister, Gonfen- a Mouse musician, Klishe and Snarf - evil Rat kids. Lionking: Busarazula- a silly Hyena. Among many others.

Character sheet (this is just an example):
Name: Krishna Defier (Dih-fear)
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Hobbies(other than dueling): Pretending, talking to his cards playing games of any kind.
Primary Deck-type:(deck #1) Macro Cosmos Fairy Deck
Secondary Deck-Type:(deck #2) Spellcasters

Eye color: Hazel/Green
Hair Color: Brown
Krishna wears a silky smooth black collared long sleeved shirt with darker black thin stripes that run virtically down it. His black pants have a chain coming from its back pocket and hooking on one of the front belt loops where he has a shiny dragon belt buckle. He has long brown hair that is always kept in a pony tail in the back.

Picture of Krish's Mask
Background: Krishna's parents enrolled him into the newest Dueling academy, and when he showed up, he was already wearing his mask No one has seen his true face since he was very young, the only thing anyone knows about him is that his parents are very rich, and this allows him special "privilages" such as getting away with wearing his mask everywhere.
Secretly, however, Krishna is under the impression that his parents died a long time ago, but he doesn't accept it as fact. He still talks about them as though they are still alive, and no one knows anything different. He has been told that they were killed in a car accident when he was younger, leaving him with his uncle Mathew, as well as a fortune of money. Krishna isn't really sure where he got the mask to start with, all he can remember is that he couldn't take it off and that a doctor tried to remove it but couldn't.
The origen of the mask is currently unknown.
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PostSubject: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh   Thu Jun 19, 2008 2:07 pm

Name: Cody
Age: 14.
RPs: I do a different type of roleplay, this is forum roleplay, i roleplay on habbo hotel. - Star wars rp. - Naruto Rp. - WWE rp. - Etc.
Names: Len - Cody - Orishaku - Lensaka.

Character sheet:
Name: Len Houzuki. (Hoo-zu-ki)
Age: 16.
Gender: Male
Hobbies(other than dueling): Sleeping.
Primary Deck-type: Red-Eyes Fusion deck.
Secondary Deck-Type: Exodia Deck.

Eye color: Green
Hair Color: Nlack
Description: Len Wears a black bandana, which pushes his long hair down over his left eye.
His Eyes always sag downwards, but he is not tired, His eyes are just like that. [Razz]

As a child, Len's Father left his mother in her time of need.
The years passed, as Len and his mother, a poor family struggled on to survive through the tough times, until one day, Len's mother arrived home with a Square tin in hand.
She opened it, handing it to len, revealing a set of cards.
Ever since then, len dueled with his cards, Giving it his best to try and earn money from dueling, to help the family out.
One fateful night, Len's mother died, from a heart attack, via her asthma.
After finding out about it, Len's grandparents came and took him in, making sure he stayed safe over his many years of depression.
As the time passed on, Len's bond with the cards his mother gave him kept growing, until he wanted more, and started wishing to be the best in honour of his deceased mother.
He was sent to dual academy at the age of 15, And always carries around one card, the first card he saw from the tin that night.
Red-Eyes Black Dragon.
No-one has been able to touch the card since entering duel Academy, as Len often keeps it with him, and is willing to hurt anyone who tries to take the last memory of his mother away from him in any form neccessary, or any way he can possibly accomplish.
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Anbu Soulja
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Asst Legion Captain
Anbu Soulja

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PostSubject: Re: RP Applications   Thu Jun 19, 2008 4:54 pm

Name: Anbu Soulja
Age: 17
RPs: Done a fair few I RP'd on the LOTR Forums, Oblivion Forums, Myspace with anime-character playing friends, my Warhammer Guild, Warhammer Alliance forums, MSN with the same anime-character playing friends as Space, I also have experience on Live RP from my days on WoW in the RP Realms; Ravenholdt and The Sha'tar.
Names: Natas Repaer (Death Duelist), Kimato Nokurai (Naruto Ninja currently sitting Chunnin Exams), Kamon Young (Oblivion Redguard Assassin), Xazu de Squiga! (Warhammer Online RP Character), Margrim the Great (Dwarf Paladin from WoW in an RP Realm) and Gaivan Kevnorite (Draenei Shaman, Former Paladin).

Name: Natas Repaer
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Hobbies(other than dueling): Reading novels and factual books.
Primary Deck-type: Final Countdown Deck
Secondary Deck-Type: -Formerly he used a Demise Deck-

Eye color: Red
Hair Color: Brown
Description: Spiked backwards hair, with 2 large spiked locks curving downwards and protruding from beneath his ears. He has an emotionless face and is known to have a cold stare. He enjoys toying with his opponent for 20 turns waiting on the Countdown which will strike the end of his opponents dueling career, he is yet to have been beaten. Though he has drawn on 2 occasions, his attire is a large crimson coat, flowing down past his dark-brown, baggy trousers and black shoes. He has an extended collar and black shirt revealed beneath the coat. On his reaper duty he wears a Gemini mask (A Phantom of the Opera styled mask with 1 side white and 1 side black) apparently this is to represent his darkness, as the white side is actually being engulfed by the black side and apparently if it is completely darkened, the Daemon born will unleash the seal that the great Demon-Slayer "Getsu Fuhma" used to block off the Dimension of Chthonia.

Natas is a young man with a troubled and shrouded past, he is an orphan and has been noticeable for a tatoo worshipping "Chthonia" on the side of his neck. He is apparently a "Duel Daemon" he also has gained his own infamous reputation as a "Reaper of the Cards" these shadow warriors, consume the duel energy of anyone they defeat.. rendering the fallen opponent, paralyzed thus leaving his cards open to steal. Natas can easily be mistaken for a evil character though it becomes more apparent that he actually doesn't like his reaping job as much as a Disciple of Chthonia should, though apparently he is MORE than a mere "Disciple" of Chthonia! though all of this will be revealed in due time.


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E-hero Kid
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Asst Legion Captain
E-hero Kid

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PostSubject: Re: RP Applications   Sat Sep 13, 2008 4:10 am

I wanna applicate.

name:E-hero Kid
Rp-s.On some forums and chats.I like it:)

Character Sheet

Name:Freed von Krieger

First:Super Fun FUn Otk(my orginal Plague Spreader zombie, card of safe return Bolt hedgehog otk.)
Secondary:Chain Strike(somebody stole it so he is searching for it)

Eye:Golden-In duel't it-s turn into purple
Hair:Golden-In duel it's Black

DEscription.Very Tall.Straight Hair
He is always smiling.
Wearing Black coat and Black Jeans.And grey camouflage T-shirt
Also a Glasses.He has a scar on his face.

He was a champion in the world of Yugioh.But his deck(chain burn)got stolen.He maked an another deck and he began to search for it.Faced opponents after opponents.But nobody beated him.WHen he was a child somebody beated him and he decided he never lose again.
He can use destiny draw(Like in yugioh gx tag force 2)if the life points between he and his opponents are 5000 and his opponent has field control)He can play on Guitar so he can act like a bard to increase his friend's morale so they can play better things like that.He likes if he have a partner

That's all
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PostSubject: Re: RP Applications   

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RP Applications
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