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 My Little Story, Wrote It When I Got Bored. :p

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PostSubject: My Little Story, Wrote It When I Got Bored. :p   Sat Jun 14, 2008 11:51 am

It was a normal night in san andreas, the giant buildings blocking half the moon from view, as Len walked along the street.
He looked around, only to see the normal everyday mugging of random passerby's, the drug dealers ripping people off, and the hobo's sitting in alleyways.
"Help! Help! Someone Help Me!" A familiar voice screamed, causing Len to turn to see where the sound had come from.
"Ronny!" Len Shouted, as he noticed the local bullies ganging up on ronny.
"Oi, You'se! Get the hell away from him!" Len Screamed, Flicing his gun out of his concealment, and aiming it at them.
"Ahh don't shoot don't shoot, we'll go, we'll go, we promise, just don't shoot" The Tallest of the bullies said, backing down, trembling, then running away.
Len Quickly took a few stops forward, looking to Ronny.
"Are you alright buddy?" Len asked, brushing Ronny's right shoulder off.
"I'm fine now, thanks Len" Ronny Said, smiling faintly, but still weary from the punches.
"Come with me, I'm going home, and Brandon will be there" Len said, taking a few steps, then pausing to wait for Ronny, who quickly followed.
Twenty Minutes passed...
"You guys home? Len Screamed out, walking through the door and surveying for his friends.
"BRANDON!!!!" Ronny Quickly shouted, running and hugging his brother.
"Can't, talk, now, must, win, Halo, 3." Brandon said word by word, his eyes fully focused on the TV Screen.
I'll continue adding the rest of the story when i can be bothered. x.x
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My Little Story, Wrote It When I Got Bored. :p
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