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 Fic: Duel Academia

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PostSubject: Fic: Duel Academia   Sat Jun 14, 2008 6:05 am

I have the idea of start my own fanfic, hope this will like you ^^;;

The Duel Academy

Chapter 1. The Beggining

It was a paceful morning, a guy with no more than 17 years old was running as fast as he could throught Domino City.

"Ah! its too late! I'm going to miss the plane!"- He screamed as he looked at his watch, there were some duelist around playing some duels on a edge technology know as Duel Disk, you could see a lot of different kind of monsters and cards around the park. The guy was running so fast that he didn't see a little rock that turned onto his way and fell down inmediatly to the ground.

"Aw... what the...?"- He whispered and cursed a bit turning his eyes to the rock that had made him fell. "Great, I almost kill myself because of a tiny rock!"- He said ansty. Then a cop appeared in front of him.

"Are you ok kid?"- The cop smiled in a kind way while looking at the boy.
"Yes, I am thank you..."-He cutted as he saw his watch with sadness.
"What's wrong?"- The cop asked.
"Its just that I'm going to a Summer Camp called Duel Academy"- the boy replied. "But I'm late, I'm going to lose the airplane..."-he added.

The cop looked at him and inmediatly had an idea. "Come on, I will help you to get the airport on time get on my ride and lets get moving!"- He said to the boy who he helped. Moments later the cop arrived the airport and the boy got out of the officer's ride.

"Thank you!"- the boy said as he turned to run to the terminal.
"These kids..."- the cop said with a different kind of smile this time. "He has something... I don't know what.. anyways he is really interested on out camp.. but it is not a summer camp as he thinks..."- the cop laughed, then a shadow appeared on the back seat.

"Oh.. I'm sure he will be happy when he finds out that this is going to take at least 3 years from his life... and if he is good we can make a contract with him..."- the shadow said in a deep and dark voice, then the car leaved the airport, inside the terminal the boy found the gate they were already boarding, he cheked fast and got into the plain.

After some hours of trip and a trip on a bus he finally did it to the Duel Academy, it was a big building in the middle of an island, just like a replica from the tv show except for the volcano, because they new it was dangerous to make a school near to a volcano that could explote anytime. An instructor was waiting for them, he was tall and had a kind smile, brown hair and brown eyes, he started to make some directions and to explain how they had to use their Duel Disk all the time and how important they were for them, then he explained the campus and the buildings.

"The Dorms have different names we have 4 in total and are: 'Ruby Phoenix', 'Diamond Tiger, 'Saphire Dragon' and no less important 'Emerald Turtle', this are the dorms where you are going to be, those doesn't mean your grade of dueling skills is just a group of dorms intended to be like a team, got it?"- The instruder said as he showed the different uniforms for every room.
"So, now that you know everything is time to get your dorms... so I will call your names and you must come to get the key of your room, the rooms were picked up for everyone with the personality test you took on the way to here on the aireplane."- the instructor ended as he took the keys and a list.

"Juste Aradashi!"- the instructor called the name of the boy 10 minutes later, he took his things and took the key from instruders hand, then he started to walk looking for his room in Ruby Phoenix Dorms.
"Rubby Phoenix, huh? I like the name... just like the ancient bird who reborned everytime from his ashes, just like I am"- The young said as he entered the building of Rubby Phoenix, some other people were already there, he found his room and opened the door, was really confortable a TV there, a bath, 1 bed, 1 desck and a schedule of classes posted on one of the walls.

After a couples of minutes he had installed on his room and was looking at his deck, the top card he was seeing was 'Light and Darkness Dragon'.
"So it is my pal... we are finally here, its really exiting.. a summer off school, family, only me and duelist from all around the world to compete and learn more about this card game... just like the series"- he said smiling. He put his Duel Disk on his arm and loaded his deck on the cage that was specially made for a 60 card deck, he started to walk out of the room to the dinning facility. After the dinner he went out to the Duel Ground, there was some people dueling and there were sits intended for those who wanted to see the duels, just like a stadium there were 4 big fields all deliniated.

It was perfect for him, he was watching a duel when he heard something comming from behind him.
"L...Let me go!"- A young voice said.
"No! you know what we want... now give it to us!"- a man voice says.
Juste was corious so he walked down to find 2 big man, one was holding a boy who was crying, meanwhile the other had a deck on his hands, apparently he was looking something.
"What are you guys doing?!"- Juste inmediatly reacted as the 2 man stared at him.

"How rude.. to interrupt where you are no called"- he said sarcastic. "Look kid, we need some cards form this guy he bet them in a duel and he lost".
"But you never told me about it was a bet!"- the boy cried he had like 10 years old, the other ones had like 17 years old.

"And you are stealing from a boy... you are such a losers!"-Juste said really upset.
"What...? wanna have a piece of this moron?"- one of the guys said.
"I will kick you!"- Juste said as he started to head to the big male.
"If we fight we are going to be expelled, I'm going to take his cards anyway"-the bif male said. "But I have an offer for you, I challenge you to duel, I bet this boys cards and my most preciated card...'Light and Darkness Dragon'... so what you say?".

"Light and Darkness Dragon is one of the cards I need to finish my deck! If I bet and win, then I recover the boys cards and finish my deck.. but if I lose... I will lose my LaDD as well..." - the boy thought to himself for a moment. "Ok, I accept!"- Juste replied.

"Well..."-the big male was looking him.
"Juste... Juste Aradashi is my name"- Juste answered.
"Well Juste... to make sure.. you know the name of the guy who is going to beat you up.. my name is Karl"-the big male said as he loaded his deck and turned on his duel disk.
"Alright.. let's duel then!"-Juste said smiling and confident.
"But not here... there!"-Karl pointed to the duel ground. "There everyone will se you falling on a horrible lose against the best student on this Duel Academy... me"-he finished.
"Uh.. how humble..."- Juste replied back sarcastly. "As you wish..."- he started to walk, the little boy the males were messing with runned behind him.

"How dare you to accept he is going to defintely crush you! He is not lying he is the best!"-the little boy said, but Juste didn't answer he just stood in fron of his opponent on the middle of the dueling grounds and turned his duel disk on.

"I will not lose to him I promise you, I'll get your cards back no matter how difficult it could turns"- Juste said as the LP counter appeared over each player head displaying 8000 points. Then they both screamed "Duel!" and a virtual option appeared for each one, they both picked and Juste was the winner of paper, rock and sissors, so he drew his 5 cards.

"Draw!"- he announced as he drew a last card to complete 6 cards in his hand. "I'll first start with a set card and a set monster... End!"

"So its my play then... Draw!"- Karl announced as he saw his hand and laughed. "I first summon 'Elemental Hero Stratos' and by his effect I search out for Destiny Hero - Malicious!", The figure of Stratos appeared on the field and then a card from his deck was added to his hand. "Attack Stratos! Cyclone Wind!"- he announced and Stratos flew up on the aire and from it he fell quick againsta the set card that was destroyed, a Destiny Hero - Disk Commander was revealed before it exploded after Stratos crashed it. "Now I finish playing 2 face-down cards and end"

"Not too much to do with this hand... I play 2 face-down cards more and end my turn!"-Juste announced with 3 cards remaining on his hand and a monster fiueld empty, but with 3 face-down cards on the backwards.

"Ok, I shall continue then, I activate Destiny Draw, by discarding Malicious I can Draw 2 Cards!"- He sent Malicious to the grave, the Juste announced he was chaining a card, so he activated Limit Reverse and summoned Disk Commander from his grave in atatck position and letting him draw 2 more cards, then Karl drew. "Not big deal, now I remove malicious from my graveyard and I get to summon another malicious from my deck!"- The figure of a demi-human appeared from the shadows, it had a demon tail and dark demmon wings. "You triggered my trap, Torrential Tribute!"- Juste announced as he saw how his torrential was evaporated, at the other side a card was revealed it was Dark Bribe.

"I don't think so... thanks to my trap my monsters are safe.. but your card is negated and destroyed and you get to draw 1 more card"- Karl explained as Juste drew a 6th card. "Now I tribute mu Malicious and Summon Caius, The Shadow Monarch!"- The big figure of a guy wearing a full body armor with red eyes and black cape. "And thank you to its efefct I can remove 1 card on the field, so I remove from play Disk Commander!"- Juste was not happy, but he had another plans for the duel and one of his face-down revealed.

"I chain to the effect of Ciaus I activate Enemy Controller, I tribute my Disk Commander and Gain control of Stratos!"-Juste announced. As stratos appeared as his side. "Not a good option kiddo, Caius Attack Stratos!" Caius attacked using a Shadow ball he charged on his hands and thrown it to Stratos, the LP counter for Juste fell from 8000 to 7400. "End"- Karl announced.

"Draw!"- Juste drew a 7th card. "Thanks to your kind gift from Dark Bribe I got a great card on my hand... prepare to see the mighty.. the key card from my deck.. but first I activate Destiny Draw!"- He said discarting a malicious to the grave and draw 2 more cards. "Now I activate my Foolish Burial to send Herald of Creation to my graveyard from my deck..."- Juste shuffled his deck. "And summon Malicious by removing the copy on my grave, and activating premature burial I draw 2 more cards because I reborn Disk Commander!"- He announced as his LP got down to 6600.
"No I activate a last copy of Foolish Brurial to send Treeborn frog to my graveyard."- The spirit of a winged frog appeared and dissapeared on the graveyard. Then both monsters on Juste side dissapeared. "No I introduce you! Light and Darkness Dragon!"

The Dragon appeared right in front of him, it had a black half with a demonic wing and the other half was a white dragon with an angel wing, it growled so hard that it could be heard by all people around the dueling ground. "Now my mighty dragon... Attack Caius! Chaotic Burst!"- Juste commanded as the dragon flew up and charged an energy ball on its mouth, it was shining in white and dark alternating its colors, then he released it and Caius exploded as the result of the hit the Life points of Karl descended to 7600.

"LaDD..."- Karl whispered. "End!"- Juste anounced. "Too bad It is too easy to beat..."- He sighed as he drew a card. "First I summon... Cyber Vary in attack position!"- The big metal armored worm appeared its fegure remeber a lot the figure of the mighty Cyber Dragon. "No I delcare I activate the effect of Valley 4 times!" - The valley started to glow, but the Light and Darkness Dragon absorbed its life and colors, then Valley glowed again and this was repeated 4 times until the ATK score of the dragon and the DEF score of the dragon showed 800/400. "It means I cannot negate more..."-Juste whispered.

"Yes that was a newbie mistake... now I play Heavy Storm to destroy your possible safe..."- Karl announced as the Spell card appeared and a big hurriacane blowed his set Mirror Force and the Limit Reverse that was face-up. "Now my own Prematur Burial kicks in to reborn my Stratos once again and thanks to the reborn I can choose a Destiny Hero from my deck, so I choose Disk Commander!"- he said as Stratos appeared again and the card was added to his hand. "Now Stratos attack! Cyclone Wind!"- He delcared and Stratosonce again fell down with a strong hit exploding Light and Darkness Dragon, but as soon as the smoke dissparead a lady wearing white clothes with her face covered by a veil and holding a vaculum appeared instead, Juste's LP went down to 5600. "Uh... right LaDD effect..."- he whispered. "No more to do... I end.."- He said.

"Ok, my turn.. draw! and on my stand by phase I get back my treeborn!"- He said as the froggy appeared at his side. "No I use Herald of Creation's effect, I dicard 1 card... to bring back LIght and Darkness Dragon from my grave to my hand.. and since I haven't summoned... I tribute both monsters!"- He said as the monsters dissapeared and the Dragon appeared instead again. "Battle! LaDD go forth and attack Cyber Valley! Chaotic Burn!"- He commanded and the Valley was glowing, but again the dragon asrobed its light and his stats came down again to 2300/1900, Karl took a huge hit by the explosion of the Valley and his LP fell from 7600 to 5300. "Ugh.. that dragon..."- Karl Whispered.

To be continued...

Wealth your power...
Martyr's Price
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To the ground...

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PostSubject: Re: Fic: Duel Academia   Sat Jun 14, 2008 2:14 pm

Beautiful! I was goingto create something like this too! Bravo! Smile

Kudos to Rafael for the great Sig
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PostSubject: Re: Fic: Duel Academia   Sun Jun 15, 2008 7:00 am

What a coincidence I was planning something like this, well great job Justes a cool card.. oh gr8 LaDD Sad bloody monster, apart from some grammar and spelling errors. Regardless that doesnt test your story-telling abilities its all about good plot, setting and characterization. Hassleberry Out!


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PostSubject: Re: Fic: Duel Academia   

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Fic: Duel Academia
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